Designer, developer, and passionate product aficionado,

Amjad Ali, currently residing in Lahore, Pakistan.

In 2012, I embarked on my professional journey in the world of WordPress and founded EnergeticThemes. I designed, built, and launched a variety of products under this brand, which has collectively reached over 800,000 installs.

In recent years, I’ve shifted my focus toward crafting amazing experiences around the Gutenberg block editor, and I’m loving every moment of it.

In addition to my work, I collaborated with, where I helped numerous businesses improve and build their websites.

Currently, you can find me working as a Product Designer at Extendify. Here, we’re developing an awesome platform that offers site design and creation tools, empowering folks to publish their content beautifully online. This platform even assists hosting companies in maintaining strong connections with their users right inside the WordPress dashboard.

I absolutely adore WordPress – it’s an incredible platform that’s both priceless and free, inspiring and empowering people to achieve success online.